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Designed to add even more cargo space to the Cruiser, our lightweight aluminum and soft-sided storage basket mounts solidly into the Cruiser’s two anchor points behind the rear seat. It folds for easy transport or storage without removal. The soft sided construction is removable and machine washable. A mesh zipper hood either discreetly rests on the bottom of the basket or doubles the capacity by covering clothes and other bulky items. Drink and Snack Tray and Napper both fit comfortably in this accessory.

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4 reviews for Foldable Storage Basket

  1. rickard_mandi (verified owner)

    NECESSITY! I consider this a necessity for our Veer. We love our storage basket. It holds our extra bags, small cooler, snacks, etc. for our trips. During softball it holds our bucket of balls while the toddler still has room with plenty of other things in the wagon as well. I love that you can zip the top shut. This is very helpful when I have snacks in there and a toddler trying to destroy everything. The convenience of snapping in quick and then snapping out with the clips (I’m not really sure what to call them) is wonderful. The fold flat is amazing for when I want to put all of the accessories in my car and save some space. I would definitely invest in this accessory if I had to choose only a limited number of items! We are slowly but surely continuing to build up our customization and fun with all that Veer has to offer!

  2. Christina Geidt (verified owner)

    We love the extra storage! It’s perfect for going to target, the store or hauling gear to the park. I agree with the other review about it being too low to the ground. We’ve only had ours for 6mos and the bottom has holes in it because of dragging on the curb. They either need to raise it or have a better material. Bummer since it cost extra.

  3. Derek U

    I love the extra space the basket provides. The mesh netting is a nice feature. I would like it better if it were a bit higher off the ground as it does scrape when going up high curbs. Maybe a 2nd metal pop in accessory to extend the height? Just a couple inches would make a huge difference.

  4. emagsanide (verified owner)

    The extra storage: One (of the many) reason my little family invested in the Veer Wagon was for shopping!! I purchased the foldable storage to add groceries and or my shopping bags while I shop with my toddler. I love that it’s so easy to install and remove, literally a snap in and out. Another feature I like about the storage basket is the netted zipper feature. It makes possible for you to close the top, if you’re on a bumpy ride, it’ll prevent your items from coming out of the basket. Definitely worth investing in!

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